4 Magic Strategies for Exercise Motivation

Get your energy and stamina back you will be glad you did.

I spent 10 years of my life being ill and when I was able hit the gym it was tough. I decided on the gym because it helped me to be around people and get me out of the house to start. It was the first 3 months that got me back on track. Remember it’s important not to be hard on yourself.

If you love exercise, great.. go exercise! For everyone else, here’s a few strategies that will let you recognize how great physical activity actually is.

1) Make Your Exercise Time Social Time
If heading to the gym means you get to talk with your friends, getting yourself to go will be easy. Get a workout buddy, or a few. You can even make friends with the staff at your gym, or join a class. As long as people are expecting you to show up, you’ll be a lot more ready to show.

2) Or, Make Exercise Your Time Away From People
Maybe your day is already full of talking to people. In that case, you can make workout time a time when you don’t have to talk with anyone — a place where emails can’t reach you, your cell phone is buried in a steel locker and can’t get any signal, and nobody is going to come up and ask you for your opinion on their memo.

3) Use Workouts As An Opportunity for Entertainment
Boring workouts are no fun. Trying something new, though, is great!

If you’re no good at swimming or speed-skating or any number of other sports, take lessons or a class. It’s still a workout, and you’ll be learning something interesting that makes going something you look forward to.

You don’t even need classes. Using your workout time to catch up on podcasts and listen to audiobooks makes any number of sets and reps fly past. Pick your playlist right, and you’ll be itching to get back into the gym.

4) Use creative visualization
Take a look at yourself in your minds eye and mentally see what you would like to look like. This will bring up to the surface of your consciousness awareness so you can recognize your desire to be health and happy. Keep it a priority as you choose your own personal exercise program. Happiness it the greatest motivator.

Remember you are in control of your own health apply these suggestions and reap the rewards of your own efforts.

Best Wishes,
Ryan Daniels

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