4 Ways to Increase Your “Persistent Fitness Motivation” & Hit Your Goals

It doesn’t matter what the task at hand is because if you keep trying to accomplish it, you will eventually succeed. So what does this have to do with fitness motivation and you?

You need to increase your motivation so you can persist on getting the body you want. Motivation just happens to be one of the largest problems people face trying to hit their goals. That is no surprise…

1. Results take some time to come: Even with the best designed program, it takes at least a month to see some visible results. That is not long but it sure can feel that way.

2. You gain weight at first: If you are smart, you are weight training… and you might be surprised to see that you put on a little weight to begin with. That is before the massive fat loss.

3. You body is in constant pain: The first week to two weeks, you will have to get used to weight training and exercising… not the best feeling when you are not used to it.

These can be tough to handle at first, especially when you are new to fitness — however, when you stick it out for at least 1 month, you will be blown away with the tighter, slimmer body.

The 4 ways to increase your fitness motivation:

1. Support

Having a support group, somebody to turn to, is one of the most influential ways to keep your motivation consistently increasing. How many times have you turned to friends or family when you needed support?

The key to getting the motivation support groups can provide is to participate. You actually need to use the support group. It may be difficult to open up to strangers, but know that these people are probably going through the same thing you are.

2. Accountability

Accountability goes hand in hand with support groups. You need to find people to hold you accountable. Bear in mind, this means opening up and sharing your goals… making a public commitment to reaching them.

First things first when it comes to accountability… you need to tell somebody you fitness goals and assign a time line to them. Now you are on the hook and need to pull through.

3. Inspiration

Time and time again, inspiration is all around you… have you ever paid attention to it? That is why having “like minded” people for you to associate with delivers the goods. You will find people who have been where you are and have succeeded.

These people are your inspiration. You can look up to them and use them has an example that it can be done. Consult and use these people… allow them to become your mentor.

4. Competition

Do you have the competitive spirit? Do you want to have that feeling of victory?

Create some friendly competitions with other people who share similar stages. You can not only push each other, but let the thirst for results push you to faster action.

The competitive fire is a great catalyst for action and making the fitness lifestyle part of your life.

Use these tips to stoke the fitness motivation and keep things going when you might be feeling the drain. Learn to always tap into fitness motivation and use it to set new goals.

Dan Boyle is a National Academy of Sport Medicine certified personal trainer. He has been consistently weight training for over 7 years. He knows all about how to stay motivated and loves to help other do the same. To learn more about how to use motivation and support groups, visit http://www.fitness-analyzer.com

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