Curls of wisdom

Get to grips with this classic bicep builder

Make a fist of it

An underhand shoulder-width grip is essential, but don’t get limp-wristed. Keep them in line with your forearms and you’ll build grip strength that can help with everything from improving other exercises to carrying the shopping home from Sainsbury’s.
Tip: Keep your grip firm but avoid ‘white-knuckling’. Holding on to the bar too tightly tires your hands before your biceps get their turn.

Take it in your stride

You’re working your biceps here, so keep the effort on your arms. Your knees should be unlocked but not too bent, as this encourages your body to cheat your arms. Stand in a shoulder-width stance and don’t rise onto your toes – this is muscle-building, not ballet.
Tip: Keep the bar away from your thighs – you want to be working your biceps hard enough to feel a burning sensation.

Don’t wing it

Tuck your elbows in close to your body so your upper arms are pressed to your sides. It’s tough but you’ll reap greater muscle gains if you keep them tight to your body – plus you won’t look like a chicken attempting flight.
Tip: If your upper arms creep forward you’re arching your back, which means the weight is too heavy – lighter weights and better form will work your biceps harder.

Play it straight

As you get tired take a second to straighten your spine – it’ll protect your lower back and prevent you arching it and swinging the bar up, which may result in some unfortunate dentistry. Ensure your efforts are directed towards your biceps and your winning smile.
Tip: Always keep your neck in line with the rest of your spine. Press your back against a wall while you curl if that’s what it takes.

Photography: Adrian Weinbrecht; Model: David Sheath @ Flair Talent


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