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Hi, I thought I would write down answers to a few of the most asked questions about my journey.
I’ll start with

1) What exercises do you do for your journey?

I do a combination of
a) High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This is where you let your heart rate dictate your workout.
I have calculated my max rate (100%) and do 1 minute of 60%, 1 of 70%, 1 of 80%, 90 and finally 100%.
This takes 5 mins to do and I do this set three times (15 mins) per apparatus eg bike etc.
b) Pyramid weight training – generally I do 3 sets : 12 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps. I add one plate after each set.
Take a look at my workout spreadsheet for more info.
I will add more details on technique over the next few weeks.

Work – Jul 11 – 202


2) What kind of diet are you on?

I have read a number of very interesting books and online websites about the subject. There are many schools of thought. My take on it is that if you are sensible about it – you’ll be fine.

Below I have included my weekly diet sheet. I have broken the foodstuffs down by calories from carbs, protein and fat. The most important thing for me is “little and often” works really well. You don’t get a chance to get peckish and start nibbling on the wrong kind of snacks!! Again, I will give more info over the next few weeks.

Food – Jul 11 – 202


3) Do you keep track of your progress?

Of course! You need to know your goals. As the name of the website implies, I have a goal to reach. I want my lean body mass to be 202 pounds. That means everything – skin, bone, muscle, blood and water etc! My secondary goal is to be 15% body fat.

If I divide 202 by 0.85 (remainder of 1-0.15) I get 238 lbs.

To check, yes 238 multiplied by 15(%) is 36 pounds if fat.  238 multiplied by 85(%) is (wait for it) 202 pounds!

I know from previous fitness campaigns that water weight makes a big difference to your readings. Also, we you start to lose body weight, it is difficult to lose body fat only and none of the lean tissue. Your body basically doesn’t want to give the fat up and does all sorts of clever tricks to stop you. (Boo!)

Yes, you’ve guessed it – I will go into more detail about these tricks, and how to stop your body from panicking, in the next few weeks.

My progress chart is here.

Progress – Jul 11 – 202

About FitFreek202

Hi, thanks for stopping by at my website. This is my journey to achieve 202 pounds of lean body mass and 15% Body Fat. Let me explain. Weighing yourself with traditional scales is very important, but you also need to measure your body fat as well. You could go to the gym and weigh yourself before and after a long run. The second weigh in, you may well have lost two pounds – that is water from sweat, not body fat. So, my goal is to be 202 pounds LBM and 36 pounds of fat – a total of 238 pounds. When i’m there, my goal is to be 202 pounds LBM and 22 pounds of fat – a total of 224 pounds. This blog will chart my progress.


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