Get it in you… folic acid

Your daily folic acid menu

Why do you need it?

To help create and maintain blood cells and support the nervous system.

Are you getting enough?

If not, you’ll be irritable, forgetful, depressed, tired and won’t be able to sleep. And as a result may even be single.

How much do you need every day?

400 micrograms.

Which is the equivalent of…

½ of one calf’s liver
A handful of lentils
½ tin kidney beans
¼ bag of spinach
1 punnet asparagus
¼ tin pinto beans
10 oranges
1 large bag of peanuts
2 cups sunflower seeds
1 small bowl fortified  breakfast cereal
17 slices bread
17 eggs


About FitFreek202

Hi, thanks for stopping by at my website. This is my journey to achieve 202 pounds of lean body mass and 15% Body Fat. Let me explain. Weighing yourself with traditional scales is very important, but you also need to measure your body fat as well. You could go to the gym and weigh yourself before and after a long run. The second weigh in, you may well have lost two pounds – that is water from sweat, not body fat. So, my goal is to be 202 pounds LBM and 36 pounds of fat – a total of 238 pounds. When i’m there, my goal is to be 202 pounds LBM and 22 pounds of fat – a total of 224 pounds. This blog will chart my progress.

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