Help for addictive tendencies


I feel as if I find it hard to say no to things that I know are destructive.

Up until I was about 26 I regularly took ecstasy on a two-week basis, speed occasionally, and hash on and off.

During this time I was not drinking heavily.

Since I have stopped taking drugs, I appear to engage more in binge drinking.

I sometimes think there must an underlying reason why I do this. I am university educated with a good job and relationship.

I do not feel depressed but am prone to what I would call ‘blue days’ like everyone.

Please give me some advice as to my apparent addictive tendencies.


Well I think you hit the nail on the head with your closing remark ‘addictive tendencies’. This is the place to begin.

You are right that there may be something underlying this and there are basically two prominent schools of thought and therapy.

The psychoanalytic school would take the view that there is an underlying cause and that a proper course of personal, or maybe group, psychotherapy would be your best option.

The other dominant school these days is ‘cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)‘, which takes a more behavioural task-focused approach and usually downplays the need to discover ‘underlying causes’.

Your GP or your local health authority might be a good starting to point to ask about how to explore either psychotherapy or CBT locally.

Then, having explored the options, follow the route that attracts you or makes sense to you.

Yours sincerely

The NetDocor Medical Team


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