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Deploy your own soundtrack to lift more weight

Listen up

You might think you’ve heard it all before, but there is now a very sound reason for training to your own tunes: you’ll be able to pump out 10% more weight, meaning that you will turn fat into muscle super-fast.

The right playlist already reduces anxiety in the workplace, increases motivation and even makes your kids cleverer. But researchers at York St John University have found that athletes given ‘invigorating’ personal music were able to lift more than those exercising to an ambient, ‘piped-in’ soundtrack.

Test subjects using headphones held a dumb-bell in front of themselves for 10% longer than those without – the perfect excuse to block out Now That’s What I Call Generic Gym Music! 47.

Net cost: Sennheiser OMX80 Sport II headphones, £27,

Net gain
: Turn up the strength of your bench to 10 at the press of a button. 100% less spinning-class trance.


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