Mass desk-ruction

Here’s how to survive the perils of your workplace

Driving a desk all day

Occupational hazard: deep-vein thrombosis
Sitting decreases blood flow to your legs, which can cause clotting. A Medical Research Institute of New Zealand study found 34% of clot sufferers spent their days seated.
Fix it
Take a lap around the office every two hours. University of Illinois research found taking walks also boosts brainpower. So it’s a win-win situation. As long as you don’t get blisters.

Hectic travel schedule

Occupational hazard: clinical depression
A Lancet review of 500 studies found frequent flyers were more prone to mood disorders. “Travelling messes up your body clock,” says psychologist Professor Jonathan Bricker. “Social isolation can also compound depression.”
Fix it
Perform 30 minutes of cardio before and after long-haul flights. Exercise cuts depressive symptoms in half, says a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

The women at work

Occupational hazard: superbugs
Researchers at Arizona State University have proved what we all knew – women are dirtier than men. They found that women’s desks were twice as dirty as men’s and that one in 15 are a breeding ground for disease causing bacteria.
Fix it
Clean and disinfect your desk weekly. It’ll kill 99.9% of bacteria. And if you want to flirt with that girl in marketing, catch her while she’s away from her desk. The filthy minx.

Gabbing on the phone

Occupational hazard: shoulder and neck pain
Sore shoulders plague 46% of office workers, according to the European Spine Journal. “Pain at the base of your neck means you are leaning in to read your screen,” says Cornell scientist Professor Alan Hedge.
Fix it
Keep your screen at eye level, an arm’s length from your face. Still having trouble? Put your arm back down, fool.

The air around you

Occupational hazard: chronic asthma
Aerosol sprays, dust and mould (remember those bananas you bought last June?) in many offices can cause asthma, warns Dr Jonathan Parsons, an assistant professor of internal medicine at Ohio State University.
Fix it
Keep your office dust-free: get your boss to have the check ventilation system checked . Or swap your desk for one next to the window, and enjoy the dual benefit of being able to look down women’s tops as they walk past in the street below.


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