Slow down to grow up

Apply these tips to improve your training

Muscle development

The speed and form you apply to your lifting technique can make huge differences in your muscle development as Scott Mendelson, trainer with the reveals:

“Manipulating the speed of the eccentric (lowering) phase of every rep is sure fire way to increase both strength and muscle size,” says Medelson. Your nervous system will adapt to this well executed change and will actually increase your ability to lift loads in following phases. “Creating muscular damage is the name of the game to solicit growth, assuming recovery factors are in line to support your efforts – the level of soreness during the day following a routine of this nature will confirm my theory for you very quickly.” Mendelson suggests you quite simply the extend lowering phase to activate more muscle fibres than normal while putting muscles under a longer duration of tension than they’re accustomed to. Here’s how:

Pick the perfect move

“Choose exercises for which your form is excellent and lower the load over a 3 second count for 6-8 reps each set,” says Mendelson.

Add on time

Each week, add 1 second to the lowering phase so that by week 4 you are lowering each rep over 6 seconds. “Pause for 1 sec following the lowering phase and accelerate loads back up to the top,” says Mendelson.

Get a spotter

“Be sure to challenge yourself with heavy loading and always use a spotter as the difficulty of this type routine may cause sudden muscular failure,” warns Mendelson.


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