Ten Step Motivation Program For Your Personal Fitness

Heart diseases, also referred to as Cardiac diseases are used to denote a range of cardiovascular conditions. These diseases are one of the most widely prevalent health disorders that have affected the lives of millions of people across the globe. It is one of the leading causes of death in most of the developed countries around the world. Every year around 17 million people lose their lives due to heart attack and stroke. Stoke can cause several complications and also severe personal financial burden. However, you need to know that Heart disease is preventable. Managing Heart Disease starts with some simple steps.

Exercise is one of the key step in prevention of Heart disease. Minimum of 30 minutes of your time investment can pay you rich dividends in the future. To develop your personal fitness program is not at all complicated, it just requires few minutes of your time and you are ready to go.

The important steps to consider while exercising are:

1. Aerobic Exercise – This is done to improve the heart,lung and the circulation function.

2. Strength Training – These exercises doing muscle training are done to improve the muscular strength.

3. Flexibility exercises – This is quite often overlooked,but is it helps to prevent muscular injuries.

It is always difficult to start a program for exercising, one of the main hurdle is to get started. Some simple tips can help you to motivate for developing a fitness protocol.

Ten Step Program:

1. Always find a partner to exercise with, your partner helps you to motivate when you are feeling lazy.

2. Keep a daily log of your exercise or fitness regime to monitor your fitness progress.

3. Make fitness program your routine like brushing your teeth.

4. Entertain yourself with your favourite music while exercising.

5. Occasionally reward yourself with a treat at a fancy restaurant or a new pair of clothes.

6. Do not deprive yourself of any craving for food or ice-cream to diet.

7. Do not watch your weighing scale, as fitness is not about numbers on scale.

8. Do not read beauty magazines, as most of them on the cover are professional models,you are not.

9. Make fitness program non-negotiable like going to washroom, which you have to go when needed

10. Use technology tools like Heart rate Monitor and Portable ECG Monitors to record your heart rate.

Always talk to your health care provider before making any decision that may affect your health.

These simple steps can help you to get started towards the path of fitness. It is not always necessary to hire expensive fitness coach or trainer. As these are expensive and you may not always experience the benefits that you are looking for.

Developing your own personal program can be effective as you are responsible for your exercise. When you are completely satisfied with your regime of fitness and you would like to go in for advanced exercise programs like high impact exercise regimes, then you can start looking for experienced personal fitness program trainers.

Sometimes using technological tools like Heart Rate Monitors to track your heart rate and to monitor if it is within your target zone. Also portable hand held ECG/EKG monitors can help to notice any unusual abnormal heart rhythm changes at a early stage.

These simple steps can help you to avoid not only heart disease but also helps you to be motivated in life and also energetic, enthusiastic and exuberant. While the media is full of stories of how people have recovered from debilitating illness, you can start your personal fitness program today and prevent diseases before it can have its impact on you.

Jenny Starling has been in the Mediaworld since a decade. She currently focuses on health care issues. She freelances on Heart Health information. Heart Staple empowers people to control heart health in wellness and illness through non-invasive technology. She frequently contributes to Heart Rate Monitor News.

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