The ultimate scrawny to brawny workout plan

Follow cover model Ray Klerck’s routine to get large!

Monday: Back and shoulders

Overhand pull-ups – 4 Sets of 12 Repetitions
Superset 1
Clean and jerk with a front squat – 4S/10R
Weighted twisting back extensions – 4S/12R
Seated rows – 4S/8R
Upright rows – 4S/8R
Reverse flys    – 4S/8R
Dumb-bell deadlifts – 4S/12R
Core workout – 4S/12R
Weighted sit-ups – 4S/12R
Reverse crunches – 4S/8R
Hanging leg raises – 4S/8R

Tuesday: Chest and obliques

Flat dumb-bell press 4S/12, 8, 6, 6, 2R
Superset 1
65 degree incline EZ bar press – 4S/6R
45 degree incline flys  – 4S/12R

Pull-overs – 3S/8R
Dips – 4S/3R
One arm cable rotational press – 4S/8R
Decline Russian twists – 4S/8R
Side leans – 4S/8R
10k run

Wednesday: Legs

Farmer’s walk – 4S/12R
Jump squats  – 4S/8R
One legged leg press – 4S/10R
One legged leg extensions – 4S/12R
One legged squats – 4S/6R
Standing calf raises – 4S/15R
Donkey calf raises – 4S/15R

Thursday: Arms

Underhand pull-ups – 4S/12R
Exaggerated dumb-bell curls – 4S/8R
Sumo curls – 4S/6R
Ape curls – 4S/10R

Superset 1
Overhand cable pushdowns – 4S/8R
Overhead cable press – 4S/8R
Underhand cable pushdowns – 4S/8R
Close grip bench press – 4S/12R
10k run

Friday: Chest and abs

Dumb-bell bench press  – 4S/15R
Double hand pull-overs to flat fly – 4S/6R

Superset 1
Seated chest press – 4S/10R
Press-ups till failure
Single arm peck deck  – 4S/12R
Bar-bell roll-out – 4S/6R
Leg raises – 4S/6R
Weighted sit-ups – 4S/6R


Light run




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