Three moves for full-body muscle

Three moves for full-body muscle


Good for: abs, quads, glutes, deltoids, lower back

Grip a bar-bell at shoulder width and dip your knees. Keeping your back straight, pull the bar up from the floor explosively until it passes your elbows, shrug your shoulders and catch it across the front of your shoulders. Now perform a squat with your quads no further than parallel with the floor. As you drive up, push the bar up above your head. Return to your chest and then back to the floor in a controlled manner. Perform four sets of 5-8 reps.

Weighted lunges

Good for: glutes, quads

Hold a dumb-bell with a ‘hammer’ grip (palms facing towards your body) in each hand to your sides. Take a big step forward with either leg until your front thigh is parallel to the ground and your rear leg is bent at the knee. Do not allow your knee to hit the floor – maintaining your balance works your core. Push up with your front leg until you return to the start and then instantly step forward with the other leg. Walk out in this manner as far as possible, then turn around and come back. Perform four times in total.

Hanging leg raises

Good for: core, hip flexors

Grab a pull-up bar as wide as you can and hang for a second to allow any momentum to disappear: your body should be still with your legs straight. Tense your abs then raise your feet up in a slow, controlled fashion, keeping your legs straight at all times. Lower your legs and repeat. The tempo of the exercise should be as slow as possible so try five seconds up, five seconds down to start with and then extend it as you improve. Complete 20-25 reps in as many sets as necessary.

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