Use A Motivational Workout Poster To Keep You Fired Up

How many times have you tried to lose weight and found that you just could not keep yourself committed?

You get excited to start. Maybe you read or see a story of someone in your similar situation who goes through a great weight loss transformation and you can relate to it. Or maybe you see an amazing transformation on one of those late night infomercial selling workout DVDs that shows people really working out hard.

The point is that you get motivated and inspired but most of the time that motivation and inspiration really does not last.

One way of creating some long-lasting motivation is by placing a motivational workout poster of some sort on a wall that you can see everyday. The reason for this is to have something; an image or a quote that will really help you to keep going.

If you look back at the history of some of the most successful people in the world, you will find that a great deal of them had their goals in writing, or at the very least, had a clear mental picture of what they wanted to achieve.

By placing a motivational workout poster of some sort onto your wall, in a place that you can see everyday, you in a way are doing the same thing. Others might call it a dream or vision board.

You see, it take a great deal of courage to have any goal in writing. The moment you do something like that you are telling the world that you are serious and ready.

So what type of motivational workout poster should you place on your wall?

Look on the internet. Look under images. There is an absolute ton of different images that you can use. You can even create your own out of a bunch of different images.You can create one that you write your own personal quotes and maybe even your workout schedule for the week or month. The key is to find one that hits or triggers something emotionally inside of you. Find something that fires you up!

Once you find exactly what will best work for you, the next step will be to make sure to place it in a place where you can see it every single day.

You can place your motivational workout poster in your room so that you can see it every time you wake up. You can place it in the room where you workout to keep you inspired. You can even place it in a place where others can see it just to keep yourself accountable when they ask what it’s for.

It’s amazing what a simple thing like placing a motivational workout calendar on your wall can do to inspire you.

Israel Saucedo has been involved with health and fitness for over 15 years learning and discovering effective ways to help people to get motivated to get in shape. If you like to get your hands on a great workout poster head on over to


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